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Often Shortness Of Breath? This Could Be The Cause

Breathing is a necessary subject for human survival. But what happens if we experience problems in breathing or shortness of breath? Obviously, it could degrade our quality of life.Shortness of breath alone is a situation when you have problems in breathing or not quite getting air intake. There are some causes that you may have breathlessness. Want to understand what the cause?

Causes of shortness of breath
A person experiencing shortness of breath can be in terms of obesity, exercise really heavy, be in the area of joint extreme temperatures, or be in a certain altitude shared area. But if shortness of breath is caused by health problems, then the situation that can cause it is:

Low blood pressure.
Rib fractures.
Carbon monoxide poisoning.
Pneumonia (wet lung).
Lung cancer.
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
Disorders of the heart like heart failure, heart attack, or heart arrhythmias.
From the situation mentioned above, a common cause that often results in shortness of breath is asthma, a disease associated with the lungs and heart. Shortness of breath caused by such a situation generally takes place in the long term or is termed a numerated joint term chronicle.

Shortness of breath is often experienced by heartburn patients. In certain situations, shortness of breath should be wary because it could be an incorrect symptom of a heart attack. As a result of shortness of breath to children, do not be underestimated, because it can be a complaint is indicative of serious illness.

To understand the cause of shortness of breath that you feel, we recommend to have a doctor to have a further control. Usually, the doctor will ask you a history of freshness and family.

Physical examinations and a variety of calculated tests will be conducted, e.g. blood tests, X-ray photos, and spirometry breathing tests. Blood screening is used to assess freshness in general. The photo of X-rays, or if a CT-scan is required, is performed to understand the situation of the lungs, heart, and bones. In the Spirometry breathing test will be known how much air you can breathe and how fast you are exhaling it.

A calculated allergic test may be able to support the doctor understand the cause of breathlessness. As mentioned above, the most prevalent cause of shortness of breath is asthma, but the biggest trigger of asthma is allergies.

Knowing the exact cause why your shortness of breath is really important, because the results will be used as a benchmark to handle shortness of breath effectively.

How to handle it?
Handling shortness of breath is not always the same, depending on the cause. Therefore, it takes a suitable diagnosis about the cause of shortness of breath. Here is shortness of breath based on the cause:

If you have shortness of breath of asthma or allergies, then all you have to carry out is to keep the triggering elements, like dust, cigarette smoke, air pollution, pet fur, or pollen. Keep the cleanliness of the residence to free from dust, lice, or mites.
Taking medicines, such as decongestants and antihistamines, can be calculated to treat shortness of breath due to allergies. Both drugs can facilitate the process of breathing air. If your allergies have been severe, the drug may be given a inhalation corticosteroid. This inhalation drug can be given to patients with sinusitis.
Numberless asthma sufferers can be treated with inhalation or drunk medications. The purpose of supporting the ease or inhibiting disruption of the airway and producing excessive mucus. If you enable the drug to breathe, forever make sure the supply is adequate and the tools work together well, when time is needed against the fit of an asthma attack.
Quitting smoking can smooth your breathing. In addition, with quitting smoking, you can reduce the risk of serious illnesses, like heart disease, lung disease, and cancer.
Having a diet can be done if you have shortness of breath because of obesity. By losing weight to a healthy level, breathing can be more relieved.
To keep shortness of breath to fit in the high area, avoid carrying out heavy rush while in the area of altitude with more than 1500 meters.
For those of you who have shortness of breath due to serious illness, may have to pursue treatment or consume specific medicines from the doctor. Consult the doctor about what healing is fitting for your situation.
If you have shortness of breath accompanied by high fever, chills, cough, swelling in the legs, the color of the lips so blue, or shortness of breath that deteriorates, visit the doctor immediately.


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