Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Positive Pregnant But Apparently Empty Pregnancy. Kok Can?

The result of the test pack states you are pregnant positively, but apparently the doctor's examination states that you have an empty pregnancy. How and why does this happen?
An empty pregnancy or TLD ovum generally lasts at the beginning of the first trimester, especially when you can not understand that you are pregnant. This lasts the time the fertilization does not lead to an embryo or produce an embryo that does not develop.

This empty pregnancy sign
The cause of empty pregnancy is not known for certain, but it is considered to be caused by the abnormalities of chromosomes against the fertilized egg. This can take place due to abnormal cell division or poor quality of eggs and sperm.

Although it is said to be an empty pregnancy, pregnancy tests can declare postif results. This is because there remains a hCG pregnancy hormone. In addition, you can also feel the symptoms of pregnancy, such as nausea, vomiting, and breast tightening.

However, subsequent pregnancy symptoms may cease after the hormone content decreases. When that happens, some of the complaints that may arise are:

Bleeding along with a small quantity that can be unrealized.
Mild abdominal pain.
Breasts that no longer feel toned.
Waiting or immediate handling
When experiencing an empty pregnancy, there are two treatment options that can be suggested, namely:

Wait until the miscarriage goes along by itself.
Use the medicines prescribed by the doctor or pursue curettage and dilation carried out to produce undeveloped fertilization results. Usually, the process of curettage and dilation is not the main choice to deal with a known empty pregnancy in the early days of pregnancy.
After getting the handling, unless there is no other atmosphere, the menstrual period can be longer normal. But usually, doctors can advise to perform a pregnant program again after 1-3 menstrual periods. This time lag can also be used to restore your physical and mental atmosphere.

For those who are looking forward to the fruits and read the positive pregnancy test results, empty pregnancy can be difficult to accept. However, do not be discouraged, let alone to blame yourself or spouse.

Generally, an empty pregnancy only lasts once. Most of the women who have experienced it can conceive and have a healthy child, Kok. Feel free to consult with a doctor when you can plan a pregnancy again after initially experiencing an empty pregnancy. Let's still wait for the arrival of the fruit.

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