Monday, 11 November 2019

Causes Of HIV And AIDS

AIDS caused by human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). HIV that enters the body will destroy CD4 cells. CD4 cells are the derived part of the white blood cells against infection. The fewer CD4 cells in the body, the more prolonged the immune process of one's body.
HIV transmission occurs when blood, sperm, or vaginal fluid comes from someone infected into another person's body. This can happen through various means, among others:

Sex. HIV infection can occur through sex interactions either through the vagina or anal. Although it is too rare, HIV is included to be transmitted through oral sex. However, the transmission through oral sex will only occur if there is an open wound in the mouth of the sufferer, if such as bleeding gums or canker sores.
Share the syringe. Sharing the use of syringes with HIV sufferers, is a one-step mistake that can cause a person to be infected with HIV. For example, using a syringe together with a tattoo, or when using an injectable NAPZA.

Blood transfusions. HIV transmission can occur when a person receives a blood donation from an HIV sufferer.
In addition to the various steps above, HIV may be transmitted from the pregnant mother to the fetus it contains. The transmission of HIV virus to children is included in the process of childbirth, or through breast milk during breastfeeding.

Please note, HIV does not spread through skin contact such as shaking hands or embracing with HIV sufferers. Transmission may not occur through the saliva, if the sufferer has a thrush, bleeding gums, or an open wound in the mouth.

AIDS Risk Factors
HIV can infect everyone from all ages. However, the risk of contracting HIV is higher against uncircumcised men, whether heterosexual men or male sex males. The risk of contracting HIV is higher among individuals with a number of factors, including:

Sexual intercourse without a condom. The risk of transmission will be higher through the interaction of the hardcore sex, and the joint sex interactions change partner.
Suffer from sexually transmitted infections. Most sexually transmitted infections result in open wounds in the genital sufferer, thereby raising the risk of contracting HIV.
Share the injections. Users of the injectable NAPZA usually share a syringe in the use of drugs.


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