Friday, 8 November 2019

Coronary Heart Disease Prevention

Coronary heart disease can be prevented together by undergoing a healthy lifestyle, like quitting smoking and drinking alcohol. In addition, manage the stress together well, if along with doing muscle relaxation or deep breathing exercises.

Another precaution is to regularly undergo blood sugar and cholesterol tests every two years. More regular examination will be advised, in patients with a history of hypertension and heart disease.

Some other steps to avoid coronary heart disease are:

Nutritious food consumption Balanced
Multiply the consumption of high-fiber foods, like vegetables and fruit. In addition, limit the salt content of the food, not more than 1 teaspoon a day. Avoid food along with high cholesterol content, especially if your LDL content is adequately high. Some types of foods are the following high cholesterol:

The food is fried.
Egg yolks
Cow brain and animal innards
Fast food
Other types of food that should be avoided are high sugar-rated foods, because it can add to the risk of developing diabetes, erroneously one in terms of the risk of coronary heart disease.

Conversely, increase the content of good cholesterol or HDL along with the increase in consumption of foods high in unsaturated fats, like fish oil, avocado, nuts, as well as olive oil and vegetable oil.

Perform regular workouts
A healthy diet combined together with regular exercise can maintain the ideal body weight. In addition, regular exercise can lower cholesterol content and keep blood pressure forever normal.

Spend at least 150 hours a week, to exercise. For example along with jogging 30 minutes daily. In addition to jogging, gymnastics, or a calculated pool can maintain cardiovascular health.

Consumption of drugs together correctly
It is absolutely essential to follow the doctor's instructions in drug consumption. It is important to remember that do not stop treatment without specifically consulting with a physician, as it may cause symptoms to deteriorate.

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