Wednesday, 13 November 2019

HIV And AIDS Treatment

Although until this time there is no cure for HIV, but there are medicine styles that are able to slow down the growth of viruses. This type of drug is called antiretroviral (ARV). ARV works together by discourage the elements that the HIV virus needs to multiply, and inhibit the HIV virus from destroying CD4 cells. Some of the ARV medicinal styles, among others:
While taking antiretroviral drugs, doctors will monitor the quantity of viruses and CD4 cells to assess the patient's response to treatment. Calculate CD4 cells will be done every 3-6 months. While the HIV RNA check is done since the beginning of treatment, continued every 3-4 months throughout the period of treatment.

Patients should immediately consume ARV so diagnosed with HIV, so that the growth of HIV virus is able to be controlled. Delay treatment will cause the virus to still cause damage to the immune system and increase the risk of HIV sufferers in AIDS attack. In addition, it is absolutely for patients to consume ARVS according to doctor's guidelines. Skipping taking the drug will cause HIV viruses to develop more rapidly and exacerbate the patient's condition. When the patient misses the schedule of consuming the drug, immediately drink so remember, and forever follow the next schedule. But suppose that the dose missed a lot, directly talk with the doctor. The Doctor is able to change the prescription or dose medication according to the patient's condition.
HIV patients include being able to consume more than 1 ARV drug in a day. Therefore, patients should understand the side effects arising from consuming this drug, including:
Nausea and vomiting.
Dry mouth.
Bone brittleness.
High blood sugar levels.
Abnormal cholesterol levels.
Muscle tissue Damage (rhabdomyolysis).
Heart disease.
The body feels tired.

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