Saturday, 9 November 2019

Rabies Definition

Rabies or known included along with the term "Mad Dog" is a viral infection against the brain and nervous system. This disease is considered too risky because it is potentially a great death. In th. 2017, in Indonesia contained more than 25,000 problems of animal bites of rabies was given an anti-rabies vaccine, but there was always 90 victims died. Most cases of death are contained in the provinces of West Kalimantan and South Sulawesi, which are 22 cases respectively.

Causes of Rabies
The Virus causes rabies to be transmitted by dogs through bites, claws, or saliva. However, there are other animals that are capable of carrying rabies viruses and transmit them to humans, such as cats, apes, civet, let alone rabbits.

In the matter of being too rare, the transmission of rabies viruses including being able to occur from humans to humans, through organ transplantation.

Rabies symptoms
Rabies symptoms generally appear approximately 4-12 weeks after the patient is bitten by an infected animal. Early symptoms include:

Weakened muscles
There are advanced signs capable of appearing against rabies sufferers. The next advanced symptom is a marker that the patient's condition worsened.

Rabies treatment
There has been no method that is certainly capable of tackling rabies that has caused symptoms. However, rabies treatment has been carried out since the patient is bitten by a infected animal who is considered to be carrying a rabies virus and there are no signs appearing.

The treatment is able to form Immunogulobin Aid (serum) or anti-rabies vaccine. Administration of serum or vaccine has a purpose to support the body in combating the viral causes of infection against the brain and nervous system.

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