Monday, 11 November 2019

Rabies Prevention

Rabies is a disease that is too likely to be avoided. Some of the efforts below are also able to support in rabies prevention:

Still receiving vaccines before running high-risk activities resulted in contracting the rabies virus, even if it has been vaccinated.
Vaccinate on pets, such as dogs or cats.
Don't miss the pets wandering outside.
Report the wild animals to the agencies responsible for overseeing the wild animals.
Buried at least 1 metre deep, or burned animals that died from rabies.
Avoid immediate contact along with wild animals.
In addition, people who have a high risk of exposure to this virus, such as laboratory staff, animal caregivers or veterinarians, and people who are close together with the wild, are recommended to accept vaccines that have a purpose for Inhibit rabies. The vaccine that will be accepted initially is 3 doses within the 28 day period, after which it is able to re-give an additional dose every 2-3rd. If the person still has activities at high risk of being exposed to rabies. For tourists who will stop by the tourist areas that have wild animals, the vaccine is given 2 times along with a distance of 4 weeks.

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