Saturday, 9 November 2019

Rabies Treatment

When rabies has been in the step of inviting symptoms, subsequent situations have been risky and potentially result in a large potential death. Until this fitting, there is no method to make a cure rabies to the step.

Rabies is able to be prevented by carrying out after-activity of animals that are risky to transmit viruses, such as giving initial treatment of bite injuries and receiving serum as well as anti-rabies vaccines. In the bite wound, the initial treatment of the intended include:

Clean the wound area with soap.
Administration of antiseptics, such as alcohol or povidone iodine.
Immediately to the nearest fitness service.
If possible, the kudu patients carry out observations of the biting animals. Observations were shown by the siege of animals over 10-14 days, and witnessed the presence or absence of signs of rabies against the animal. It is intended to assess the kudu or whether the support of serum or anti-rabies vaccine.

In addition to observing animal-biting animals, the doctor includes assessing the injuries suffered by the patient. Assessment of wounds, including a person who has a vaccine or anti-rabies serum A high-risk wound and a mange with a vaccine or anti-rabies serum are cuts located on the part of the body that have many nerves such as the neck, head, face, and also the fingertip of the hands and feet, or further wounds are adequate in and the amount of more than 1.

When low risk injuries and bite-biting animals do not invite the signs of rabies along the observation system, patients do not need a serum or anti-rabies vaccine. However, if the wound is a high risk wound, and also a bite-biting animal cannot be observed or throughout the animal's observation inviting signs of rabies, patients receiving a serum or vaccine. Administration of serum and anti-rabies vaccine has a goal to neutralize the rabies virus that is in the wound and in the body.

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