Non-Consent Towing Insurance

During a “consent tow,” the owner of the motor vehicle agrees to have the vehicle transported to another location. Typically, he signs a receipt for the services for which he pays. A non-consent tow does not require the vehicle’s owner to agree to the action or to sign any paperwork.

What Are Non-Consent Tows?

A non-consent tow takes place when someone in a position of authority requests for the vehicle to be taken away to a different location. When a non-consent tow is arranged, the owner of the vehicle is not permitted to choose the towing company. The motorist has no say in whether or not his car, van, or truck is towed.

Why Does Non-Consent Towing Occur?

Each of the following reasons can lead to a motorist’s vehicle being towed without his permission:

  • Parking in a restricted area (handicap areas, no parking zones, and fire lanes)
  • Involvement in a traffic accident or crime
  • Abandonment of the vehicle
  • Parking on someone’s personal property
  • Leaving the vehicle in an unauthorized business lot
  • Parking the car in such a way that it blocks access for other vehicles

Non-Consent Towing and Unauthorized Parking

If a vehicle is found in a lot that restricts who can park in it, a non-consent tow can take place. In many cases, business parking lots list the name of the towing company that will take away unauthorized vehicles.

Non-Consent Towing and Traffic Accidents

When a motor vehicle accident occurs in the State of Nevada, the towing company is usually selected by the law enforcement officials who show up at the scene in order to get the damaged vehicles off the roadway as quickly as possible. The owner of the vehicle does not have any say in the matter.

Non-Consent Towing and Police-Ordered Action

The police can have your vehicle towed if your vehicle has been:

  • Abandoned by the owner
  • Stolen and abandoned
  • Used in a crime

Non-Consent Towing Insurance

As a business owner, it is important for you to obtain insurance that protects you in the event that the towed vehicle is damaged during transport. Towing companies carry their own insurance policies to protect their businesses in the event a vehicle undergoes damage during the transport. However, if your business wrongfully requests a non-consent tow on a vehicle that is legally parked, you could be liable for damages.

5 Star Vegas Towing is licensed and insured to provide non-consent towing in Las Vegas for abandoned, inoperative, disabled, and unattended vehicles that have been parked illegally. We can also provide towing for vehicles that have been involved in the commission of a crime or involved in a traffic accident. Please contact us if you need to have a motor vehicle towed from your premises.