Salvage & Transportation

Salvaging and transporting damaged and non-running cars is an important service for owners, insurance companies, and salvage mechanics. Here at 5 Star Vegas Towing, we recognize the value of offering these services throughout the Las Vegas area at affordable prices. We safely deliver damaged vehicles to their destination, keeping all components securely intact during transportation. We’ll provide swift pickup and responsible delivery at competitive pricing.

Our Las Vegas towing company uses:

  • Modern equipment
  • Knowledgeable service professionals
  • State-of-the-art technology

Salvage and Transportation Expertise in Las Vegas

Our towing company specializes in the transport of damaged and non-running cars, trucks, vans, and rigs. Many reasons lie behind the failure of a vehicle to move on its own. Depending on the motor vehicle involved and the level of damage incurred, the process can require different types of equipment. Factors that we must consider include:

  • Missing tires and/or rims
  • Inability to roll
  • Inability to start
  • Front-end damage
  • Rear damage
  • Top-end damage
  • Size of the vehicle

Why Choose Our Salvage and Transportation

The biggest challenge in moving a damaged vehicle is finding a towing business with the expertise needed to handle unique situations. Every damaged vehicle is different in some way, whether due to the type of damage, the age or size of the car, or other issues that occurred before the accident or breakdown happened.

You don’t have to worry about relying on luck when you choose us as your towing company. Here at 5 Star Vegas Towing, we have individuals with the training and knowledge needed to move a salvageable vehicle without creating additional damage. Our professionals are experienced using winches, forklifts, and roll-up flat beds, ensuring your vehicle is properly and safely loaded.

Salvage and Transportation Pricing

While we strive to keep the towing cost as low as possible, the final price is determined by these unavoidable factors:

  • Equipment used to secure the vehicle in order to minimize potential risks
  • Time involved to complete the task
  • Complexity of loading and unloading the vehicle
  • Location of the motor vehicle
  • Distance to be traveled
  • Condition of the motor vehicle

5 Star Vegas Towing provides the expertise needed to safely transport inoperable cars no matter what the problem is. We possess the kind of equipment needed to get this task accomplished, including loading, transfer, and unloading of the vehicle. We can ship inoperable trucks, cars, and vans to any location, making nationwide service easy and accessible for insurers and salvage companies.

Our fleet is fully capable of delivering any damaged vehicle safely to its next destination. We take great pride in our employees and their capabilities. We invite you to call us for your salvage and transportation needs.